Not Now

2007 年 3 月 4 日

我的手机上有个 NOKIA 的算命软件,Mobile Fortune. 曾经用它算过很多事情。

高三的期末考试前,我问它:我的成绩怎么样? Answer: Are you kidding? 考浙大的前一天,我问它:我能否考上? Answer: Absolutely. 姑奶奶病重,我问它:能否撑到我开学的那一天? Answer: I'm sorry. 考竺院前,我问它:我能否考上? Answer: Forget it. 我不甘心,继续问,后面总算出现了个 Yes。然而,仅第一个有效。 神奇的软件,奇迹般预测了我今后将要发生的事情。 今天,我问它:…… Answer: Not now. Things happend too fast? or I'm just idling away the time… Maybe I don't believe in destiny, but, a tiny feeling occurs to me… It seems that the pity, or I can call it private sorrow, born to be… I don't know… or as time goes by, as the we get closer, the truth will float from the deep… 我再次问它,想得到 Positive 的答案。无情地,连续 4 个 Not Now,一模一样。 这只是程序随机算法所得到的结果,或许我多心 胡思乱语,Do not take it serious.

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