The Circle of Life

2006 年 8 月 28 日

A dark morning. The sun was still sleeping below the horizon.

Aunt was waken by the telephone. She got up in a hurry to make uncountable phones.

My grandaunt would soon step into the heaven.

How grievous the news was! I was shocked for almost one day. I can’t help imagining the picture of my grandaunt in her last seconds. In a small sickroom, a thin woman with a pale face was surrounded by a crowd of relatives. The atmosphere was filled with sad. Tears everywhere.

Tracing back to my childhood, I was at Grade 2 in primary school. My dear grantanut taught me how to write nice words hand by hand. In my memory, she’s always nice and affectionate. But today, she left us. Never had she enjoyed relaxing in her whole life time. Even my grandaunt haven’t seen the beautiful and wonderful part of the world. A incredible thing happened. After the completion of funeral, My aunt drived home. A butterfly laid on the wiper blade all the way. The car was in high way at a speed of 100. But the creature was clinging to the glass. When my aunt arrive home, she got off the car and picked it up in hand. The butterfly came home with my anut.

We regarded it as my grandaunt’s spirit. We burned 3 sticks of incense in balcony.

I prayed, “God bless my grandaunt, May she enjoy the time she should have done in earthliness, May she feel the freedom of passing away.”

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